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Providing first class education, childcare and household services.

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We are a leading agency based in the Middle East providing education, childcare and household specialists to families around the world. We pride ourselves in our careful, thorough selection of exceptional staff dedicated to meeting your family’s unique needs. Our team of experts have extensive experience working in education, childcare and households. We at Royal Connectors understand each person’s journey is unique. We are dedicated providers of specialised education support and care for people of determination, as we believe every individual deserves the best education, support and opportunities. We are committed to fostering an inclusive and empowering environment within classrooms and homes. Whether it is fostering a love for learning, providing a safe haven for your children, or maintaining the smooth function of your household, we are committed to delivering excellent support for your family.

Our Services

Our handpicked specialists are experts in their respective fields, ensuring your child’s learning, development and growth are at the forefront of their care.


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Special Needs Nannies


Unmatched expertise

Our carefully selected specialists, possess a wealth of experience and qualification in their respective fields.

Personalised service

We believe in understanding your family’s unique requirements to provide specific support to your family.

Trust and reliability

We ensure all members uphold the highest standard of professionalism and integrity.


Our services are designed to adapt to your evolving needs, offering convenience and peace of mind.

Holistic approach

From education to childcare and household support, we offer a comprehensive range of services, empowering your family and household to flourish.

Commitment to inclusion

We embrace diversity and celebrate every individual’s unique abilities. We advocate for an inclusive society where individuals of determination can learn and thrive.


Refer a specialist or a family and receive 350AED when matched.


Miss Kristal has been helpful and kind to me. She kept the lines of communication open, allowing me to ask whatever questions I had. She also offers me advice and guidance whenever she deems I need it. Moreover, she never fails to inquire about the well-being of the child under my care as well as monitor how I as the shadow teacher interacts with the kids. Most of all, she never missed an opportunity to follow up and check in on my situation as a shadow teacher, which demonstrated how involved and collaborative she is.

Ms Reychel, Shadow Teacher, Abu Dhabi

I was happy I decided to work with Royal Connectors to help find me a governess for my home. I felt my requirements were met and our governess suits us well. My kids are now happy to have someone with them.

Maha, Client, Jeddah