A babysitter is an individual that provides temporary childcare services for parents or guardians of young children, normally in the absence of the child’s regular caregiver. The main responsibility for the babysitter is to supervise and care for the children entrusted to them, ensuring their safety and well-being while their parents or guardians are away.

Our babysitters are ready to assist on an as needed basis. Our babysitters are experienced and trusted caregivers that can provide regular communication and updates allowing parents to have an additional peace of mind when their children are left in our care. Our babysitters offer flexible care in various settings, including your home, hotels, events or other specified locations.

Duties of a babysitter can differ depending on the age and needs of the children they are caring for, as well as any specific instructions given by the parents. Some duties may include:

Supervising the children ensuring their safety at all times.
Engaging in play and activities with the children through games, reading, crafts or other age-appropriate activities.
Preparing appropriate meals and snacks, if required.
Assisting with bedtime routines, help and ensure children go to sleep at the designated time.
Addressing basic needs such as diaper changes, helping with toileting and providing comfort to the children if the child becomes upset.
Adhering to any specific guidelines or rules set by the parents, such as screen time limits or dietary restrictions.

Our babysitters are reliable and caring, contact us to discuss your specific babysitting requirements. Wherever you need childcare, count on us.

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