Maternity Nannies

Maternity Nannies

A maternity nanny is a qualified professional that provides support and care to families during the postnatal period, normally in the first few weeks and months after a baby is born. Our maternity nannies main focus is to assist and guide the new mother and her family with adjustments that come with having a newborn.

The role of the maternity nanny can vary according to the families specific needs and requirements, some common responsibilities may include:

Caring for the newborn by assisting with feeding (breastfeeding or bottle- feeding), diaper changes, bathing and overall infant care.
Providing physical and emotional support to the mother as she recovers from childbirth, including guidance on postpartum self-care.
Helping the family establish routines for feeding, sleeping and other daily activities for the baby.
Assisting with light household chores such as laundry, cooking and tidying to ease the burden on new parents.
If there are siblings, a maternity nanny may help with their care and adjustment to the new family dynamic.
The maternity nanny can offer guidance and education on infant care, breastfeeding and sleep training.

Night Maternity Nannies

A night maternity nanny is a caregiver also known as a night nurse who provides support and care to families with newborns during the nighttime hours. Their main role is to assist and care for the baby during the night, allowing parents to get their much needed rest and sleep. A night maternity nanny may be valuable to parents experiencing sleep deprivation due to the demands of caring for a newborn around the clock. The night maternity nanny can implement healthy sleep routines for the baby, attend to feeding and diaper changes. The night maternity nanny can also assist with providing comfort and soothing during the night, enabling the parents to get a few hours of uninterrupted sleep. The night maternity nanny’s duties and hours can be tailored to the specific needs of the family.

Maternity nannies can be especially valuable for first time parents who may feel overwhelmed. Having a trained professional can boost confidence and reassurance during this transitional phase of adjusting to a new family member. Our trained maternity nannies promise to give exceptional love and care to all infants in their care all whilst considering cultural norms and the family preferences. Experience the joy of motherhood with our expert maternity nannies by your side.

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