Personal Assistant

Personal Assistant

Personal assistants are trusted professionals who provide support and assistance to an individual managing their personal and professional affairs. Personal assistants can handle various aspects of an individual’s life to ensure efficiency, organisation and confidentiality. With a personal assistant’s support individuals can focus on their professional endeavors and personal priorities.

Our personal assistants are perfect for HNW individuals such as Royalty, executives, celebrities and families.

A personal assistant can help you with:

Organising and managing schedules like appointments, meetings and travel arrangements.
Overseeing personal and household matters such as coordinating events, managing staff or handling private finances.
Handle correspondence, attending to phone calls and emails on behalf of an individual.
Planning and arranging travel for both business and leisure.
Assisting with the organisation of events, parties and gatherings.
Maintaining strict confidentiality and discretion in all matters.
Can act as a professional liaison between the individual and their business associates, colleagues and service providers.
Provide personal support such as running errands and handling personal appointments.
Provide crisis management so as to deal with unexpected situations or emergencies that may arise.

Take the first step to efficiency and peace of mind and connect with our team of experts. We go through a thorough process to match you with a personal assistant that will suit your specific needs.

Other Specialized Skills

Royal Connectors offer exclusive private education, childcare and household specialists including teachers, governesses, house managers, personal assistants, chefs, elderly caretakers, maternity nannies, babysitter, special needs nannies, shadow teachers and more.



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