A governess is a private tutor or educator who provides personalised education to your children within the comfort of your own home. Our governesses make sure to provide a tailored, one on one educational experience as well as assist your child with their daily activities. Our governesses support children creating routines in fun and interactive ways in safe, familiar environments.

Our governesses are highly experienced and qualified educators. We not only recruit governesses or governors that possess skills in education but can also be bilingual, gifted in arts and sports and music. Our governesses are able to work with newborns, toddlers, preschoolers and school aged children.

Some responsibilities of a governess are:

Providing individualized and tailored education to meet the specific needs and learning styles of each child cultivating an appreciation for learning.
Planning flexible education plans that aligns with the family’s values, preferences, and goals for their children’s education.
Providing undivided one on one attention during children’s lessons, allowing for productive learning experiences, in the comfort of your child’s home.
Governesses provide stable and constant support for a child fostering growing and continuous learning.
Governesses can travel with the family providing educational support whilst on the go.
Governesses help shape a child’s character, behavior, etiquette and social skills through positive role modelling and guidance.
A governess can adapt learning schedules to accommodate a child’s other activities and interests, providing a well rounded and balanced approach to education.
A governess can expose children to different cultures, backgrounds and nationalities, exposing children to different, new languages and cultures promoting a broader understanding of the world.
A governess may be beneficial to families who value privacy and security, as a governess is available to support children in the comfort of their own home.
Children with specific needs or learning difficulties may benefit from specialised support and attention provided by a governess.

Why choose us?

Our governesses are dedicated to supporting the family’s values, lifestyle and educational goals to ensure a successful and enriching experience for the children. Our governesses are suitable for Royalty, HNW families, diplomats, ambassadors, celebrities, busy professionals or families who choose homeschooling. Elevate your child’s learning with one of our educated governesses. Experience personalised learning and growth. Our experienced governesses are ready to inspire and nurture young minds.

Enquire now and embark on a rewarding educational journey.

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